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We want to prevent you from LOSING MONEY!


With the financial crisis in 2007 and subsequent strong expansion of Fintech along with creative business financing over the last 10 years, business owners have become savvier on circumventing repayments on financial obligations extended to their business from various funding sources and vendors… until now!  B2B Blacklist was created as a crowd reporting solution to remedy this.  This service allows every approved user to alert their peers of malfeasances of businesses they worked with by adding them to B2B Blacklist.

There are vast databases available with consumer information that creditors rely on when making lending decisions for individuals. Unfortunately, with so much business lending and credit extended these days, there are very few resources that are maintained on business owners that breach an agreement with a lender or vendor.  This creates a dangerous environment for business lenders and vendors alike!  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a data base available to quickly search the businesses and their owners you’d like to extend credit to, to make sure they haven’t participated in defaulting on prior obligations?  Welcome to B2B Blacklist, a user friendly and affordable data base built by people just like you, to safeguard against extending credit to unscrupulous business owners that have already defaulted on or are in collections on prior financial obligations. Up until now, business owners get away with not paying back various types of debt obligations such as merchant cash advances, equipment leasing, business loans and even invoices due to suppliers/distributors.   Malicious business owners are able to do this over and over again with little recourse.  Even with judgments, funders have a very hard time collecting on these bad transactions.   

Whether you are a supply chain vendor, distributor, lender, merchant cash advance funder, equipment leasing firm, or any other type of company that extends credit businesses, B2B Blacklist can help you mitigate your risk prior to you extending credit to any business!  Our main goal in creating this platform, as the B2B Blacklist grows, is for the nationwide default rate on business lending to decrease.
All you have to do is register with B2B Blacklist to become an approved user and pick your subscription plan to get started! 

Check B2B Blacklist before you lend!